Recently, I have come upon the realization of the true purpose of my life. To be a vessel of Gods love. God created me to love me.

The only thing I have to do to fulfill my purpose in life is to accept God’s love. That’s it. I don’t have to be a super genius, super beautiful, or be super well liked. I just have to bask in God’s love.

God created you to love. He didn’t create you to be a rock star, or a mad scientist, or even a doctor. He just created you to be you. to love you.

Think of somebody you love. Do you love them because of their accomplishments or do you love them for who they are? You love them for them. They are enough just the way they are to deserve your love. Yes, of course, you are proud of their accomplishments, but that doesn’t define your love for them. You want them to be successful, but ultimately you don’t love them because of their success.

This is how God loves you, only on a much greater scale. You do not have to earn His love. You already have it. God created you, He created every single miniscule detail about you just the way it is. He did this because He wanted you the way you are. He wanted you to be who you are, so that He could love you. It is a beautiful thing.

This brought freedom to my soul, as I hope it does to yours.

You no longer have to prove yourself worthy of love. Because God created you worthy of his love, and then died to cover your shortcomings, you are worthy of love. The best type of love, God’s love. All the things that you so desperately cling to as proof that you are worth loving, are not necessary.  You do not NEED to be smart, beautiful, successful, goal-oriented, progressive, saintly, a humanitarian, caring, thin, fashionable, put together, or even in constant pursuit of God to be worthy of love. You are worthy of love already, just the way you are, the way you were created. You are worthy of love, because God created you worthy of love and went to the cross to protect that. to protect you, the vessel of His love.

As God’s creation, you are enough.

You might not be the best at everything, maybe not even mediocre, but regardless, you are enough.


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